London calling!

So many stalls, so little time…

The London Good Food Show, during 2nd weekend in November, was spectacular. For me, coming from Norway where Oslo only very recently opened its own food market, places like Borough Market were as close to heaven as you could come, at least foodwise. We have our own food festival, «Matstreif», but it’s outdoors and not quite as big as the GFS. After all, they’ve crammed all of the exhibition hall that is Olympia full of exhibitors, tv kitchens with lots of audience seats, restaurants…on two floors.

A vief of the Good Food Show

I met some very nice people, tasted some very good food and bought some very interesting products. My next few blog posts will try to reflect some of the diversity that is to be found, and hopefully I’ll give some tips and recommendations as well. You can read about delicacies of the sea, nifty things to making life easier for you and some instant, edible magic, to name a few.

(You’ve seen the overview – I’ll give you probably the prettiest stall of them all, Crumbs and Doilies. And for those who are worried – no, I have not succumbed to the cupcake craze. I have the aesthetical capability of a colour-blind bricklayer. But I do find this pretty.)

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